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About Us

About us

Welcome, you have reached our wholesale site. It is catering to our wholesale customers! If you are a private customer please visit www.clarabellatattoowear.com instead.

We are Clarabella Tattoo Wear and have been serving the alternative scene since 1995. You may have met us at different tattoo conventions and fairs all around Europe. We hope you enjoyed our presence. :)

Our site is your ultimate source of getting your alternative tattoo apparel in one stop shop. We have thousands of products online and in stock. We offer rockabilly, punk and tattoo wear at your doorstep, our online alternative fashion boutique is where all the magic happens.

We have been in the business since 1995 and have been providing shops all over the world with tattoo inspired clothing, punk rock style, sexy dresses and tops, punk and gothic t-shirts, fake piercings, sailor tops, sailor dresses, pin-up dresses, skull motives, wallets, wallet chains, belts and a lot more. We never compromise on quality of our products.

We offer famous brands which represent similar ideologies to our. Brands like Hotrod Hellcat, Six Bunnies, LiquorBrand, Rock Eagle, Rock Angel, Minute Mirth and various other Hotrod and Sailor inspired brands. Bringing forth a lifestyle that has always been in question due to its unconventionality, we are proud of whom we are. Offering thousands of products under one roof we are your one stop shop to increase your variety of stock, helping you provide your own customer with products they desire and ultimately increasing your own sales.

Become a wholesaler with us and increase your sales!

Do you want to open a wholesale account with us?

Please register an account here: Create a wholesale account.

It takes 2 minutes to fill in and gives you a normal non-verified account. Within a few hours (sometimes within a few minutes) we will upgrade your account to a wholesale account and you can browse all of our products online.

Welcome aboard!

How do I contact you?

If you feel like sending us a post card please send it to us here:

Köpmannagatan 10
24171 Marieholm
EU VAT: SE556740856101

How do I send you money? :)

If you wish to send us money please send it here:

IBAN: SE17 8000 0831 3923 7679 1972
Bank name: Sparbanken Skane
Place of bank: Kävlinge/SWEDEN

We accept Paypal, send to our id: info@clarabella.nl. (Yes it ends with NL for Netherlands.)